Our Mission

Developing a solution that can provide faster, more actionable results for critical infections

Ibis Biosciences' innovative molecular technology will change the traditional approach to infectious disease testing. The goal is to develop a platform that can rapidly identify a broad range of infectious organisms, without knowing beforehand which organisms might be present in a sample.

New Infectious Disease Testing Vision

Abbott is expanding its role in molecular infectious disease testing. Acquired in 2009, Ibis is focused on delivering an innovative approach to detect and characterize pathogens. Current efforts are underway to develop a new robust instrument for the clinical laboratory that is designed to detect and identify a broad range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.  

Platform and Technology Overview

The new system is designed for the clinical laboratory to consolidate pathogen detection on one platform using one workflow, with the goal of offering broad, rapid, and actionable results. The workflow is designed to be completed in one laboratory shift, detecting and identifying pathogens from a single direct specimen.

In Development

The Ibis Technology
  • Extraction of nucleic acids from the sample
  • Distribution of the sample to each well of the test strip
  • PCR performed to amplify the sequence regions specific to the organisms of interest
  • The PCR product is purified and sprayed into the mass spectrometer to determine the mass of each amplicon
  • The amplicon mass determines the base composition
  • Using the database, compositions are used to identify the microorganisms in the sample

Inside the Mass Spectrometer

PCR electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Determination of the mass of the amplicons (ESI TOF MS) leading to base composition

Developing a system designed to provide actionable answers in one laboratory shift, direct from a patient specimen.

  • Start empiric antimicrobial therapies
  • Culture Positive
    + gram strain
  • Biochemical ID
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Change to targeted therapies

Goal: Ibis Technology actionable results  

Change to targeted therapies
  • Start empiric antimycotic therapy
  • Culture and ID:
    Change to targeted

Goal: Ibis Technology actionable results  

Change to targeted therapies
WEEK 2-4